• 05/27/2020
  • 5:00 PM - 6:30 PM
  • Virtual/Webinar


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Keeping your composure under pressure is the hallmark of every great leader. Based on his latest book by the same title, Dr. McKenna highlights the power of composure under pressure. Discover the specific strategies you can use to be a better version of yourself when it matters most. This session offers a roadmap for standing firmly in who you are while staying connected to those who matter most to you–especially during high-pressure moments. It doesn’t matter whether you are a CEO, parent, manager, or student–none of us are immune to the possibility of losing our composure when the pressure is on. This workshop consists of highly interactive content delivered through group discussions, peer coaching conversations, class debriefs, open space formats, and so on. The trainers integrate assessment tools to kick off deep and meaningful conversations and then introduce a simple coaching model, The Process of Thoughtful Action, that you can use to focus the coaching conversations and debrief sessions.


  • Increase your capacity to recognize high-pressure moments when they come and your tendencies and habits in those moments.
  • Recognize your greatest strengths under pressure and the strategies that will help you become better leaders in those moments, for their sake and for the sake of others around them.
  • Improve your ability to build high performing and adaptive teams when pressure and adversity are at their highest.
  • A roadmap for creating healthy relational cultures and organizational systems where meaningful feedback is enhanced and blame is minimized.

Attendees will apply See-Feel-Change to a real opportunity, problem or solution they need others to be a part of.


Dr. Rob McKenna

Recently named among the top 30 most influential I-O Psychologistsand featured inForbes, Dr. Rob McKenna is the founder of WiLD Leaders, Inc. and creator of the WiLD Toolkit, a whole and intentional leader development process and set of tools that one leader described as “A whole approach that blurs the line between who we are as ‘workers’ and ‘human beings.” He is also the Executive Director of the Center for Leadership Research & Development and Chair of Industrial-Organizational Psychology at Seattle Pacific University. His research and coaching with thousands of leaders across corporate, not-for-profit and university settings has given him insight into the real and gritty experience of leaders. Over the last 25 years his clients have included the Boeing Company, Microsoft, Heineken, Foster Farms, and The United Way.

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