YOU might be the only thing missing from ACMP Connect.

Did you know that the Pacific Northwest Chapter now has its own Geographical Community within ACMP Connect? 

Our chapter’s new forum benefits members like you by enabling idea sharing and making connections. By engaging locally, you can help build a greater sense of chapter community. Please help us to get started and build awareness.

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About PNW's Geographical Connect

In this community, we connect in interactive and collaborative ways to enhance member experience. We do this by identifying thought-provoking topics about organizational change management to inspire and advance the profession. We also use this space after local events have concluded for participants who want to extend dialogue and share additional resources around topics.

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Geo Connect Committee

Geographical Connect role descriptions

The Pacific Northwest chapter is recruiting multiple volunteers for two roles, Geographic Connect Coordinator and Geographical Connect Facilitator.

Time commitment:

  • Weekly – 30 minutes
  • Quarterly 90-minute brainstorming session (e.g. content, contests etc.)

Length of commitment:
Six to twelve month and longer, if desired

Ideal candidate:
Strong written communication skills. Aptitude for engaging via social channels. Creative. Enjoys making connections, willingness to network and share positive encouragement to members and build our Geographic Connect community.

Training requirement:

ACMP global requires that all Coordinators and Facilitators agree to uphold the standards and complete a training consisting of online videos, guide, hands-on exercises/checklist before electronic access will be granted to the environment. This ensures you are prepared to succeed and moderate effectively. A summary of the on-demand training appears at the bottom of this page.

Geographical Connect Coordinator Role:

  • Works with team to facilitate a content planning meeting every other month with stakeholders.
  • Keeps Content Calendar current in a shared Teams location and communicates updates to the board of directors for transparency and collaboration.
  • Also fulfills facilitator duties as described below and supports other facilitators

Geographical Connect Facilitator Role:

  • Facilitators post events and discussion based on the Communication Calendar.
  • Moderate on their assigned days weekly. This includes:
    1. Reply to any unanswered posts or tag someone who can potentially answer the question.
    2. Find ways to encourage others and create a positive, supportive environment.
    3. Moderate posts that are inappropriate or not in line with the Community Guidelines

On-demand training:

In addition to a reference guide, ACMP global provides on-demand training to prepare Connect Coordinators and Facilitators. Everyone involved completes the same training.

ACMP Pacific Northwest Chapter is a 501(c)(3) organization.

2311 N. 45TH ST, #205
SEATTLE, WA 98103-6905

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