Virtual Coffee Chat and Learning Event

  • 02/11/2022
  • 9:00 AM - 10:00 AM
  • Virtual/Zoom


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Topic: BUILDING ADAPTIVE CAPACITY - Human Systems Dynamics

Speakers: Miriam Bayés MD PhD ACC HSDP and

Bridget B. Kelly MD PhD

In a complex world, you don't always see all that shapes the patterns around you. Adaptive Action gives you a way to see deeply into your world to understand the conditions that shape those patterns.

You may work in an organization struggling to support its workforce through the changing virtual landscape. Or one where communication is constrained and it feels like there are hidden agendas. Or where the culture is toxic and competitive. Adaptive Action gives you a path toward understanding the conditions that shape those patterns, and insights into potential actions to influence new patterns to shift the culture.

Every day you are challenged by sticky issues, by questions with no answers. Problems that defy solution and recurring entanglements hold you in a limbo of indecision. Adaptive Action can move you forward by reminding you to look at the dynamics of your world to understand what is and to inform your next wise action.


Miriam Bayés MD PhD ACC HSDP

I am at the heart and mind of Motivate | Build | Grow. I have spent my career over the past 30 years navigating the fine line between the rigorous world of science, the strategic business environment, and the fascinating world of human development.

I am a medical doctor, with a PhD and have immersed myself deeply in the realm of clinical research. Yet at heart I have always remained a teacher and a coach, deeply passionate about facilitating the growth of people and teams, which I have guided from my role as Medical Director over many years.

I am convinced there is magic to be found at the intersection of data driven analytics and strategic approaches and, human driven growth and innovation. I deeply believe that bridging these two realms can generate breakthrough change.

After a long time spent working with a wide range of organizations, from family companies, to large multinational corporations in several countries, I chose to put all my accumulated wisdom in the service of the healthcare, scientific and academic communities.

As an HSD Professional I create leadership development and coaching programs rooted in the complexity of the systems, neuroscience and positive psychology. I work with individuals, teams and organizations, helping them discover new, more effective ways to meaningfully navigate change and grow.


Bridget B. Kelly MD PhD

I am the Principal Consultant of Burke Kelly Consulting. I specialize in integrating multiple information sources, analysis methods, and modes of engagement to grapple with complex questions for strategy development, policy analysis, and learning.

I combine extensive capabilities leading collaborative processes with deep subject matter expertise in health care, public health, evaluation, and the arts.

My formal education is in clinical medicine and developmental neurobiology through an MD and PhD from Duke University, preceded by a BA from Williams College. I am also a lifelong dancer and choreographer, and an experienced grassroots arts administrator.

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