Todd Vold

Todd is a Partner at Bridge Partners, a business management consulting firm, with offices across the U.S. He has over 25 years of enterprise experience, spanning 8 different careers in a variety of capacities. He found his niche in business consulting over 15 years ago and now leads a firm focused on helping clients going through large scale business transformation. When in a project delivery role, Todd’s facilitates the leadership team define corporate strategies, implement execution plans and support the transition the employees into a new paradigm.

Todd is experienced at working with a variety of business areas including: Marketing, Sales/Channel, Operations, Technology and Human Resource functions. In building the Change Management Office, he helps the customer assess their organization and building the network of change agents. He ensures that the customer and/or partner experience is always top of mind to minimize business disruption as an organization is under transition.

On the board of directors of the PNW ACMP Chapter, Todd’s role is to build and nurture an active Seattle community of change management professionals. His vision for Seattle is to have a group of engaged and enthusiastic people, eager to share their best practices, learnings and building their professional network.

On a personal note, Todd leads an active life with his wife and two teenage sons. His family spends most of their time outside, playing sport of the given season.

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