Cristofer Munson

Cristofer is the Managing Principal at Sound Perspectives Solutions Group, a Seattle-based management and information technology consulting practice. He is a seasoned professional with a proven track record of developing strong partnerships with clients, employees, and even competitors. Cristofer has a demonstrated ability to help executives, managers, and teams break down complex problems into their component parts from which a future state solution can be defined, designed, developed, and deployed. A skilled facilitator and communicator, Cristofer works easily across multiple teams at all levels within an organization to design solutions based on the foundation of solid business strategy and purpose supported by achievable, measurable business goals and objectives, implemented using proven change management methodology. Cristofer is a Phi Beta Kappa graduate from the University of Washington, holds certificates in Project Management and Software Product Management, and is ProsciĀ® certified. On the board of directors of the PNW ACMP Chapter, Cristofer’s role as Sponsorship Director is to evangelize the mission and objectives of the Chapter to companies and organizations throughout the Pacific Northwest and enlist their support in helping the Chapter meet its goals for its members and the broader change community throughout the region

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